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INAM (Instituto Nacional de las Mujeres) develop programs and initiatives aimed at empowering women and promoting gender equality and the eradication of violence.


Lack of specialized support from the State. Line 144 answers emergency calls on but has no attention protocol.

Research Plan

  • Ethnography in the call center. Analysis of a care protocol call center line 144
  • Interviews with victims of gender violence
  • Workshop with the main stakeholders

Ethnography in the call center

Ethnography in the offices of the line. We interview operators to look for common patterns based on their testimonies.


  • Most calls to the line are for domestic violence.
  • Women do not know where to go for help and containment.
  • In emergencies, women may not have their cell phone.

Strike #niunamenos  

We conducted guerrilla interviews and found needs on:

  • Availability of information and public resources.
  • Raise awareness in society about naturalized forms of violence against women



A Hackathon was organized as an instrument for the development of projects and the participation of actors with the main objective of generate innovative and sustainable solutions that respond to the problem of violence against women.

What did we learn?

Collect innovative ideas on how to address solutions for all types of violence against women. Talk with people concerned about the issue and with experience about which solutions work and which not so much.

system screen
system screen part 2

APP 144

After gather the information we decided the features:

  • A survey to raise awareness about domestic violence.
  • A map of call centers and telephones.
  • A contact form with the line and an explanation about the process of requesting assistance.
The survey:

The survey questions were formulated together with INAM specialists. Designed with an easy to understand language, seeking to avoid ambiguous interpretations and thinking of a specific score to give consistent results.

system screen
The first wireframe

According to the responses it is evaluated whether the woman suffers gender violence. From the "middle level" the woman has the possibility of contacting to line 144 or sending a message to a friend to ask for help.

system screen
system screen part 2
system screen part 3
system screen part 3
The actual survey
Centers of attention:
system screen
system screen part 2
system screen part 3
system screen part 3
Contact with the line or a friend:

We developed a form to achieve a first approach to the line, thinking of those who cannot or do not want to call the line yet.

system screen
system screen part 2
system screen part 3
Testing and iteration:

We did interviews, usability tests of the product (on paper and in prototype) with women of different socioeconomic levels. With that we could see if the application is useful, easy to use and if it could generate social impact.


The application is a complement to line 144. It does not replace the assistance of the line, but it does help to raise awareness about domestic violence, and also makes available to the public information that until now was mainly for internal use of the line.

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