Workshops for Digital Financial Services


The organization needs a strategic vision to create a new financial system: UEPEX

System Problem:

UEPEX is outdated and It has a lot of usability problems. We need to create a new one.

Organization Problem

All the teams have the need of to learn new agile processes and create the UX area. The testing and analyst team have old fashioned work methodologies. They dont understand the CX and UX process.


  • Involve functional analysts in the subject of user experience and new functional methodologies
  • Define reasons to focus on user needs
  • Acquire skills of user research techniques
  • Understand the importance and benefits of forming an interdisciplinary team and working collaboratively
  • Demonstrate prototyping skills and develop the ability to test usability
  • Understand the importance to measure the KPI

Business Objectives:

  • Achieve consensus between the parties to determine long-term vision and purpose (Three years)
  • Find, understand, justify and propose the value and benefits proposal.
  • Investigate the risks and possible opportunities
  • Determine strategy to carry out the objective
  • Try to identify tactics for the development of the final product

My role

Workshops in order to involve the team in the service design process with collaborative exercises and cases examples.

What is UEPEX?

UEPEX is a financial sofware created in 2004. The objetive is execute external loans, for specific programs or projects.

system screen
system screen part 2
system screen part 3
The actual software

Introduction Service Design

Understand the needs and opportunities that the project will offer us. Think the vision of the product together.

Exercises: How to define the brand Vision 5 -Year Roadmap

Image voting
The vision

Understands the user

  • Understand your motivations, interests, pain points
  • Similar points in habits, product requirements, preference and goals

Role Playing in order to explain Personas. Exercise Personas based on users proposed (previously we did a research with the analyst). Customer Journey Exercise

image process
team listening the class
doing personas
customer Journey
image emotions
Personas example
Personas and customer Journey
Personas Alta

Service Blueprint

blueprint explanation
team doing blueprint
team doing blueprint
team doing blueprint
team doing blueprint
team doing blueprint

Business Canvas

doing the canvas
other canvas example
canvas whiteboard
Business model canvas
Merge two canvas

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