My experience working with a startup

The context

In 2017 I got involved in a startup with experienced entrepreneurs in digital innovation and web programming. We participated in the entrepreneurial PACC , a non-refundable loan from the Ministry of Production. We were able to hire more people and rethink the business experience.

The plataform

A event organizer can create, sell and manage tickets. You can have control over people's access but with certain functional limitations.

My role

My role was to manage the project, the times and resources from the beginning. The first step was the research and analysis, interviews with the main stakeholders, According to the findings I could design the platform in low fidelity, at the same time advising changes in the business model. I followed up on the development and usability tests. I worked in the management of the strategic brand and finally the landing design.


During 2017 we research the organizers needs and we have be working on a value proposition and solution for the organizer, that consists in the development of an internal use tool that connect products and / or services with end users. The objective is to manage reservations and ticket sales.


Discovery Phase

The first step was to indicate who uses the service and what are the feelings associated with using. We mapping the pain points and identify the most common problems for users.


  • How might we? method and brainstorm
  • In depth interviews with the main stakeholders, and marketing data analysis. Identify audiences, their needs to detect brand positioning opportunities

Three user types were discovered: The promotor, The event planner and the supervisor.

Stakeholder Map
Example, sketch findings after interviews.

MVP Design Phase

User Flows Acordding to the pain points and needs the next step was the user stories and flow

User story and Flow
Example, findings sketch after interviews.

Organizer insight. They need sell cash tickets

Wireframes Organizer.
Wireframes, Example "sitios de publicación"
Example "sitios de publicación", Mobile Version
blog.1.image blog.1.image
Wireframes Create Event

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